Dancesport Ball
to Apr 6

Dancesport Ball

It’s time to celebrate everybody’s hard work throughout the year. Let’s get dressed up, eat too much and then dance the night away with no restricted steps in sight!!

Menus and tickets to follow soon. Plus ones welcome - the more the merrier!

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Strictly Come Dancesport
7:00 PM19:00

Strictly Come Dancesport

Da da da da da da daahh, da da da da dah!

Strictly Come Dancesport is back and better than ever! Get ready to see celebrities from other clubs and societies take on your favourite ballroom, latin and salsa dances in a bid to win the ever coveted (non)glitterball trophy.

Featuring hilarious hosts, spectacular dancing and alcoholic refreshments, this is not a night to be missed. For more information or to get tickets click here.

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IVDC - Blackpool Trip
to Feb 24

IVDC - Blackpool Trip

We’re going to Blackpool!!

Join the team for the weekend of a lifetime! Of course the competition is important but brace yourself for 3 days of dancing, laughing and drinking in the dancesport capital of the UK.

For more information please contact your Team Captains Dom and Aimee.

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to Oct 7

Back to dance(sport)


Whether you’re new to dancesport or one of our elders, come along to ⏰THE TAF AT 7:30⏰ where we have the VIP room for warmups before dancing the night away in JUICE. 


•1st year in dancesport: BABY BALLET

•2nd year in dancesport: 80’s // DISCO


•4th year or more: OAP TEA DANCE 


DRINK* if anyone asks you:
-what your name is
-what course you do
-where you’re from
-what dance (if any) you’ve done before

You may be asked to DOWN YOUR DRINK if you’re caught not dancing in juice 😉

*Drinks do not have to be alcoholic if it’s not your thing 🙂

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12:00 PM12:00

Give it a go!

Want to try before you buy? No problem! In this 'Give it a Go' session, all levels of dancers are invited to have a go at the styles of dance we offer!

• Everyone welcome - no matter your level of ability

Don't panic:

• This is not an audition or try out for the team, everyone is welcome to join our family!
• All shoes and attire is perfect as long as you're comfortable (possibly) getting a bit sweaty
• We're sure you're going to love it, so bring a friend too!

Get your tickets here!

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