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SUDC - 9/1/19


Kirby and Jess - 6th Ex-Student Novice Waltz/Quickstep. 

Eoin and Dora - 4th Intermediate Ballroom and also (Couple of the comp! Pictured)

Dom and Aimee - 3rd Advanced Ballroom and Open Tango, 4th Latin and Open Rumba.

Charlotte and Maddy - 2nd Same-sex Latin and 6th Same-sex Ballroom

Daemon and Ros - 6th Intermediate Latin

James and Sophie - 1st Ex-student Advanced Ballroom and 2nd Ex-Student Advanced Latin

Bryan and Shani - 3rd Ex-Student Advanced Ballroom and 4th in Ex-Student Advanced Latin 

Lawrence and Beth - 5th Ex-Student Advanced Ballroom and Ex-Student Advanced Latin

Cardiff A team came 5th in Team match. 

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Southern Friendly - 26/1/19


Max and Rosie - 3rd Novice Latin, 2nd Beg/Nov Samba

Daemon and Ros - 1st Intermediate Latin and Intermediate Ballroom, and 5th Int/Adv Tango

Dom and Aimee - 1st Advanced Latin, Advanced Ballroom, Int/Adv Rumba and Int/Adv Tango

Maddy and Charlotte - 2nd Same-sex Latin


Dave and Alice - 2nd Novice Ballroom, 4th Beg/Nov Samba and 6th Nov Latin

Eoin and Leanne - 2nd Intermediate Latin

Eoin and Dora - 2nd Intermediate Ballroom

Niko and Dora - 5th Advanced Latin

Bryan and Shani - 3rd Advanced ballroom, Advanced Latin and Int/Adv Tango

Ed and Jenna - 2nd Advanced Latin

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Bath Competition - 1/12/18



Bryan and Shani - 4th Advanced Latin, Advanced Ballroom, Int/Adv Samba and Int/Adv Foxtrot

Niko and Dora - 6th Advanced Latin and 5th Int/Adv Samba

Stathis and Milada - 3rd Advanced Latin and 2nd Int/Adv Samba

Daemon and Ros - 3rd Intermediate Ballroom and 6th Intermediate Latin

Dom and Aimee -1st Advanced Latin and Int/Adv Samba, 2nd Advanced Ballroom and Int/Adv Foxtrot

Eoin and Leanne - 4th Intermediate Latin

Eoin and Dora - 4th Intermediate Ballroom

Max and Rosie - 2nd Novice Latin, 3rd in Novice Ballroom and 3rd Beg/Nov Samba

Dave and Alice - 2nd Beginner/Novice Samba and 6th Novice Ballroom

Natalie and Natalie - 3rd Beginner Jive and 6th Beginner Cha Cha Cha (Couple of the Comp! Pictured)

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Warwick Varsity - 18/11/18


Dom and Aimee - 1st Place Advanced Ballroom, Advanced Latin, Open Foxtrot and Open Paso Doble (Couple of the Comp!)

Daemon and Ros - 2nd Place Intermediate Ballroom

Max and Rosie - 1st Place Novice Latin and 2nd Place Novice Ballroom (Couple of the Comp! Pictured)


Dave and Alice - 6th Place Novice Ballroom

Charlotte and Maddy - 4th Place Same Sex Ballroom and Same Sex Latin

Lucy and Jess- 5th Place Same Sex Ballroom

Stathis and Milada - 2nd Place Advanced Latin and 5th Place Open Paso Doble

Niko and Dora - 4th Place Advanced Latin and 2nd Place Open Paso Doble

Team Cardiff - 1st Place in Warwick Challenge and 2nd Place in the Team Match

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Southampton Friendly - 3/11/18


Daemon and Ros - 1st Place - Intermediate Latin and 2nd Place Intermediate Ballroom. Additionally 1st Place - Team Cha Cha Cha, Basic Rumba and Open Samba

Max and Rosie - 2nd Place - Novice Ballroom and Novice Latin. Additionally 2nd Place -Team Waltz and 5th Place - Basic Tango.

Team Bardiff - Bath and Cardiff took home 5th Place in the Team Match

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