What is Dancesport?


Have you ever seen strictly?…

Dancesport is the umbrella term for all competitive ballroom, latin and salsa dancing.

The name was originally invented to help gain recognition of ballroom dancing in the Olympic games, by emphasizing it's competitive nature. This plan may not have worked, but Dancesport is now a widely recognized sport throughout the world.

Dancing is done in pairs with a lead and follower (of any gender), and follow a set of prescribed moves for each dance style. These moves are learnt in training and then can be used to create an original routine to be performed at competitions.

Competitions are split up by dance level  and style. For each category dancers compete in heats and those with the highest judges scores proceed to following rounds until just six couples are left. This is the final and these couples dance it out to win their rankings.

Away from the competition floor dancesport is extremely social. Since everyone has learnt the same steps you can happily dance the night away with whomever you might meet.