You will need...


Here's a few essentials you don't want to come to a competition without.



  • Ballroom outfit
  • Latin outfit - If you're wearing a skirt/dress DO NOT FORGET BOOTY SHORTS
  • Dance shoes
  • Hairspray, bobby pins, bun net - You should already have your hair done but you might need to touch it up during the day
  • Safety pins
  • Make up (and make up wipes)
  • Team Kit - to show your CUDC pride off the dance floor


  • Packed lunch
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • More water!


  • Phone charger
  • Something to do - competition days are long you might like to bring a book to read between rounds
  • Camera - the more photos the better!
  • Shoe brush
  • Money - for the post comp. Maccies trips